4012104790 VOLVO 8.1 GXI-D

by Brad
(Ontario Canada)

this is a 40' boat with twin 8.1 GXI-D.

Boat ran after launch for 10 minutes, then just stopped dead, didn't stutter, sputter...nothing, just dead stop. temp & pressure were good, will not restart. Plug in rinda code reader...no codes. Reset IAC, no change,check fuel pressure, low pressure pump 10 psi, rail pressure 40 psi.

Swapped iac, cam sensor, pdp, ecm, fuel rail and injectors, took fuel quality sample off the rail (its good), put in new plugs.
laptop sees rpm when cranking, oil pressure rises when cranking. timing shows 5 deg base, then when cranking goes to 28 deg (WOT timing).

It is getting fuel, it has spark and compression is anywhere from 155-180 on all cylinders.

It tries to fire but will not catch. I have had a Volvo tech look at it and he states after everything i have tested and done, it should run.

I am beat, it will not run. What am I missing here

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