40 hp outboard yamaha wont pee very well

by Steve Myers
(Smithville )

When I first bought this yamaha motor 12 years ago it peed a steady 45 degree stream. For the last few years now it barely pees. A very weak stream. I put in a new impeller just last year. Same thing happens, a very weak stream. Last week i took it fishing for the first time this year and it stopped peeing altogether. But the motor did not get hot, telling the pump was working. The 2nd day it sounded like my motor hit something. When i looked back the motor was peeing all of a sudden. Still a small stream but at least it was peeing. I dont know what to do especially since it has a relatively new impeller in it.

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May 27, 2014
water exhaust
by: Anonymous

We recently went on river, hit a sand bar the engine quit peein to a slow drip. took screen out at bottom of motor clean and finally found the rubber tube from engine was stopped up at exit of housing, could take tube off had a good stream, seems the hole going out is too small can it be drilled out or is there a reason for it being so small?

Mar 17, 2014
40 horse won't pee
by: Bruce

Water channels in your head or more than likely plugged up for one head and check and see just turn the head over and you can see those water channels. Mine were packed with sand and nearly burnt shoulder or two up on mine. What about secondhand I learned a few things about Outboard motors right off the bat

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