4 cylinder I/O Mercruiser 1987 Sea Ray Seville Shift Problems

by Todd
(La Crosse, WI)

I have a 1987 Sea Ray Seville with a 4 cylinder I/O Mervruiser. When I put in the water for the season a few weeks ago, all seemed okay. A couple of weeks later, i backed out of my slip, I shifted to forward throttle okay but it stayed in reverse and continued to move backward. The throttle handle did lock into the neutral position as normal, The engined reved as i gave it forward throttle but it still stayed in reverse. I shut down and restarted and it ran in neutral. Again I could not get any forward throttle but i still got reverse. My mechanic made whatever adjustments (I haven't discussed it with him yet) and I did get forward after a couple of tries. When I parked in the slip, I shifted to neutral but stayed moving forward and could only stop by shutting down. It would not go into neutral or to reverse. Any suggestions?

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