350 1972 V184 Glastron motor lock-up

by Cruthis

I recently bought a 1972 V184 glastron from my brother. He was on the lake and the boat was running the best it ever had.(this is a jet boat with a 350 chev.) All of a sudden the boat began to vibrate and the rpms started falling off. He shut the motor down. A few minutes later he tried to restart it but the motor was locked up.

This being a jet boat, we thought it possibly was the jet thrust bearing locked up. When I separated the jet from the motor I was sick. The jet shaft spun like a sewing machine. Yep, the motor was the culprit. The boat needs some work. Replace or rebuild dash gauges, some fiberglass work (nothing huge,just nicks and a few weak places in the floor. Two questions: Is the boat worth the investment to rebuild the engine and the additional repairs? This is my first boat and I am quite new to this sport. However, I was a line mechanic and am quite capable of the rebuild. Next question: Can you think of a similar situation on a locked up like this one? My thoughts: Spun bearing on the crank.

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