3.0 L Mercruiser I/O 2009 Tahoe

by Daniel
(Madisonville, TN)

I recently had my boat winterized by my local marina. Took the boat out 2 times this year. The first time the boat ran OK got up on plane and sputtered a little at first when I put it in the water but then ran fine the rest of the day. Before taking it out the next time I added a can of sea foam to the fuel and when i put it in the water started it up and it idles rough. Took off and it wouldn't come up on plane until my passenger moved to the front of the boat. Once it was up on plane top speed was only 30 mph compared to normally 42 mph. The boat had a bad shake to it and was missing while it was idling. Needless to say it was badly bogged down. Got it home and started checking plus and wires and noticed from the schematic I pulled up on line that the firing sequence of the plugs where not in the right order on the disinterested cap. Haven't pulled all the plugs yet but a buddy mechanic said he thinks they messed with my distributor and my boat is out of timing. And advice would be greatly appreciated at this point

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