25hp Johnson outboard 1970s model does not engage gears

by Jamie

Refurbed a Tinny that i bought a few months ago and was about to take it for its first trip out in moreton bay area. After doing pre starting checks at the house she was good to go, or so i thought. When i purchased it the engine was always going to be a little suspect but as long as she tied me over until i could get enough money for a better one it would do. Well anyway as i approached the boat ramp it was busy as, and my old spinkter was puckering just in case i blocked the ramp with my dodgy outboard. Well i launched the boat tied her off on the jetty then removed the car from the water. Got back to the tinny and at this stage the ramp got busier. I cranked her up and low and behold she fired into life. Was i chuffed? you bet. I then engaged foward gear to get away from the ramp and nothing happend "No Gears" i was at this stage floating in to the drink with no means of control except paddles. I then asked a boaty with a motor that worked for a tow back in. Not a good end to the day.

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