25hp evinrude e25reie 1991 on 13 Aluminum Smokercraft

by John

its on a 13 foot aluminum Smokercraft prop pitched down to 10inches top end only 17 or 18 mph on gps with one person Short shaft engine, cavitation plate even or just a little 1/2 inch avove the bottom. engine seems to run fine. Boat has no quick acceleration and should have a higher top end.
plugs are new QL 77JC4 They are not running your typical tan brown color. Seems they are clean with a rich condition not fully combusted? Same condition on both plugs
Put a gun tach on it. erratic with one person driving, think I saw 5thousand range rpm Prop is smallest pithc and dia you can get, so should be jumping out of the holw quick like my 35 on my Mirro Craft. All other fuel items have been checked. Compression was checked by a mechanic, he said it was fine, all I can go by in that dept..Idles well enough.

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