2022 Suzuki 150

by Dale

Excel Bay Pro 203 and Suzuki 150, both brand new first time in the water. Did the initial 15 minute run with muffs on while on the trailer. Maiden voyage, warmed up the motor and took her out on the lake. Low speed around the no wake zone a bit then out on the water it got up on plane quickly and ran very well. As soon as it was on plane I backed the throttle off to just under half throttle and ran it a bit then backed off to idle. Tried it again and when got up a little speed the motor bogged and shut down to idle. Does this every time now, sometimes will idle, sometimes will sputter and sometimes the motor will die completely. No fuel gauge or tach at that time due to boat being set up for Merc motor from factory and with help of Excel tech got the wiring swapped around for the Suzuki motor and they are working now. Now it will generally run well at low speed and rpm but when throttling up it shuts down with the same problem. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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