2021 mercury 20hp 4 stroke efi

by Ben
(Knoxville )

I have a brand new mercury 20hp 4 stroke efi on a brand new grizzly tracker 1648 sc. Just got out of the break in period. So the problem I've been having is after 30 minutes to an hour of sitting on the water it seems to have problems starting. As it has a pressurized tank I vent it and prime it until the bulb is full but takes a couple of cranks to start scary. I told tracker boats service supervisor about the issue thought It might be a faulty fuel demand valve so they put a new one on for me. Went back out on the water the next day let it sit for 40 minutes took it two long cranks to start up acting like it's not getting fuel. So obviously didn't take care of the issue. Considering it's new and still under warranty but before I bug the heck out of them to get out there and diagnose it would anybody know of and solution to this issue?

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