2021 Mercury 200hp Pro Xs v-8 4-stroke

by Tim
(Chicago, IL)

Brand new motor. According to dealer/service center, everything checks out as functioning correctly and lake test with Mercury's G3 computer diagnostic system shows 100% DemandLinear, 100% Demand w/Guardian, and 100% Demand. However, despite this, performance seems off. Acceleration is very modest, and top end speed several MPH slower than my old motor (Optimax), on same boat. RPM's are barely reaching minimum WOT range, and when I try lower pitch prop, the RPM/s barely increase and are still in low range. I'm currently running a prop 2" of pitch lower than the one I had on my Optimax on same boat and still not getting the performance or RPM's expected. Has anybody seen this problem with the new Pro XS 4-strokes?

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