2021 Honda 9.9 kicker Ethanol Rx Needed

by Dan
(Sacramento, CA USA)

New kicker, ran only 30 minutes of break-in procedure over 2 month period. Always add additive to prevent Ethanol issues. Ran perfect first couple times, then the last time would cut out soon as I started to accelerate then wouldn't start. Dealer mechanic found gas line, filter and carb plugged full of white powder.
Crazy thing is I use highly regarded additive (Stabil Marine or Biobor) at the prescribed dosage with Chevron midgrade fuel and it did nothing to prevent the crud! Mechanic said he had 4 customers that month that had the exact same problem and they all used Chevron. My question is: Which Additive is best for small outboards to avoid Ethanol & storage problems? Star-Tron, Stabil, Lucas, Sea Foam, Biobor and many more. Which one has worked best on the water from your experience?
Thanks so much,
Dan A.

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