2020 Yamaha 25 h.p. electric start motor

by Gerry
(The Pas, Manitoba Canada)

I have used this motor 3 times since I received it in mid July. On first trip out across a 6 mile lake it tried to die on me 2x. I kept opening vent and when I got to reef I was heading to, I opened vent wide open. On way back--ran like a dream. Yesterday--Sept 11 I took it out for 2nd time and travelled a total of maybe 5 miles and again it ran like a dream. Today--Sept12 I went out again and was travelling to a spot 5 miles away and about halfway there it started to act up again. I opened vent all the way and it stopped at least 4 more times. Out of the 4 times it stopped completely 2 times and had to re-start motor. I had vent wide open and loosened gas cap on tank after stopping second time. After finishing fishing was heading back and got mile from home and it started again.Trying to stall. I was convinced vent /tank issue but am now not sure. Any advice?? Have absolutely no more than 30 miles on this brand new motor. I thank you for your time and help.

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