2020 merc 225 4 stroke

by Chris g
(Wrg AK )

I recently purchased a new 2020 4 stroke 225. About 25 hours of operation I was cruising along and the motor started trimming up. I was able to trim back down a couple times and while running it would only trim up to the high speed limiter and stop. Once I stopped the motor trimmed all the way up and stayed there. I disconnected the wires to the tilt switch on the pan but did not fix. I then had to unplug the trim green/blue power wires and unscrew the bleeder on the pump to get the motor back down so I could get home. Once home I got to the shop and it would not repeat. On the next trip it did it a few more times then stopped. The service shop stated they had this issue with one of the other motors in town and they changed the control box but that did not fix it either. Anyone have or hear of a diagnosis for this issue?

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