2019 Volvo Penta 4.3 V-6-200-M

by Rex
(Syracuse IN USA)

Alarm system beeps once every minute/two, my wife and I both think it is longer than a minute.
The engine is governed to 3500 max RPMs once this condition is flagged.
Temperature and oil pressure at all available RPM ranges is fine per gauges.
Ammeter is showing 13 volts.
Drive lube level is fine.
Engine oil level is fine.
Power steering fluid level is fine.
Battery cables are snug and clean

Our Shore Station Lift uses an old-school 12V automotive starter motor with rubber pulley on the hand wheel.
The battery has no issue spinning the wheel and lifting the boat fairly quickly. Battery is going into year 4, however a load test indicates no issue.

I’ve rebuilt auto and motorcycle engines, and have some ‘shade tree mechanic’ knowledge. I would like to avoid a visit to the marina, boat drop-off and the $80 fee for a 5-minute code read just to find out what it is I need to remediate. Given the engine speed being governed at 3500 maximum and no other limitation, I will speculate that the issue is an engine sensor, possibly CO2 sensor or similar type of component.

Any input on what to investigate is welcome. A source for engine management fault codes and what they represent would be fabulous. I could potentially review alarm causes and deduce from there.

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