2019 Suzuki DF30ATL

by Dave Brown

I bought a new tach for may new engine. The tach is a Suzuki 99105-80101 which has the monitor function on the face. I was trying to "calibrate" there meter to make sure I had the tach set correctly for my engine. I disconnected thew tach at the cable coming out of the remote box. I connected my meter to the yellow signal wire (+) and to the ground wire (-). I set the meter on "Freq" and started the engine. The digital readout was bouncing all over the place from approximately 90 Hz to over 200 Hz. I moved the + probe from the yellow to the gray wire (ignition switch) and the meter still bounced around.

My question is am I measuring off the wrong lines or is my meter incapable of reading the signal??

Any help is appreciated,

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