2018 twin 200 Fly by wire

by Steve
(Washington state)

Took boat out of storage to ramp. Both engines started right up and idled for 5 min before Port died. Tried restart several times. Ran for seconds at first and died, then would not start. Tried -
- checking fuel water separator, still full and clear clean fuel, no water or contamination.
- pumping bulb. Soft, but so was other one.
- took lid off, took fuel line off intake side of LP pump and pumped bulb holding finger over hose when letting bulb expand. Nothing. No fuel pumping to LP pump
- Took fuel line loose from F/W separator and stuck in gas can. Pumped and bulb got hard, verifying fuel getting to LP pump. Nothing. No start.
Motors have 500 hours and still under warrantee but long ways to dealer to find something small I should have known.

Suggestions? Thanks Steve

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