2018 F25 portable 4 stroke

by Bryan

I have a 2018 'F25 portable' fuel injected 4-stroke motor. Regular service every year and had zero issues with it until recently (August of 2022).

We were using it without issue every day, and one day it was acting flooded and would not start. As long as it is cold and first try of the day it starts and runs great and zero issues, but as soon as we shut it off it will not start again.

The only way we could get it restarted would be to pull the plugs, clear the gas out of the cylinders, clean/dry plugs, and then it will start and run fine. But as soon as it is turned off, it floods again.

Our use is that it gets started and turned off multiple times a day, so dealing with flooded plugs is very detrimental to our time, and nerve racking pulling plugs and parts over water multiple times a day.

We pulled and cleaned all the injectors and fuel rail, but still had the same issue. With that not fixing the flooding, it was over my head so I brought it to a shop and it has been at a shop since October, and they haven't had time to look at it (Rural Alaska, only 1 shop and they work on snowmachines in winter and not boat motors). They haven't gotten to it this spring yet.

Being that I need the motor again and the shop hasn't touched it, I am hoping someone can shed light on what the issue may be, and I will start working on it myself again.

Any suggestions?

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Jun 14, 2023
by: Anonymous

too much fuel, is choke stack on?

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