2017 60hp Tracker 175txw

by Jacob Leitner
(Raleigh NC)

I keep blowing the main 15amp fuse located on the motor. Tracker boats can not locate the issue. First time it happened the boat was stored for a couple months. Went to start it and heard the beep then nothing. Wouldn’t start. Replaced fuse. Started up. Driving down lake at WOT and I thought I threw the dang prop. Boat kicked out and motor died. Boom fuse blown again. Changed it and too it in to tracker. Couldn’t figure out the issue. Get the boat back. Take the boat to lake. Get to first fishing spot. Go to leave that spot and won’t be beep or start. Change fuse and off I go. Didn’t make it 300yrds and pop. Change fuse take it back to tracker. They change ignition switch. Can’t duplicate problem. Get the boat back. Take it out for 6 months. No issue. Running down lake WOT and pop. Motor dies after hitting several big waves. Water was choppy. Change fuse and slow down. Less than 300yrds. Pops again. Change fuse and putt putt back to dock. Load it and take it to tracker. Tracker can’t duplicate it. Will not do anything for me. I’m fed up. Help please.

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Jul 23, 2021

by: John

Given this is the 15 amp control circuit fuse and its not popping instantaneously then its not a full short circuit. In the absence of smoke and sparks and that it appears to occur after starting or the period after that, I think checking out the ignition circuit is the priority. Check the terminals and condition of them along with connections at the start solenoid. Maybe tracking to ground. It is symptomatic of a short between connections or a short to ground if rough weather causes it. Systematically check every wiring plug connector, look for moisture, salt or any other damage.

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