2016 Tracker Targa - no power

by Mark
(Meridian, Idaho, USA)

Hooked up the boat, packed up the gear and went to place the motor in transport position using the trim adjust on the 2015 Yamaha 150 4-stroke motor. Found no power, even though I had just removed power to battery charger which shows green (charged). Made sure boat is in neutral, safety lanyard is in position, no power when turning ignition - nothing. Checked fuses on motor, at batteries, and just under steering console. All seem ok? Bad ignition switch or bad neutral safety switch? New boat so this is tripping me out. Called dealership and they have recently sold out to a new outfit that owns most boat shops in the area (volume seller) not known for customer service. They said bring it on down we'll diagnose for $135 an hour. You know how much beer or gear I can buy with $135 an hour?

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