2016 Mercury 4-stroke 90 HP Outboard

by John Holbrook
(Charleston, SC)

We bought the boat in 2017 with the 2016 engine already mounted. Recently we start the engine at the marina, take it slow out of No Wake zone and keep it at 2800-3000 RPM for a few minutes to warm up.

When I put it into 4800+ RPM it stalls. The engine revs but the RPM's drop. It's almost like driving a 4 speed with the gas pedal down and engaging the clutch. Is there no power going to the prop?

The engine doesn't stop and I drop it to 300 RPM's. Running like this for a few minutes I can then take it back to to 4000. FOr the rest of the day it runs fine. Just had it recently serviced after this started but stalling has gotten worse.

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