2016 Mercury 115 hp 4 stroke

by David

I was fishing lake George in Florida and noticed my speed had dropped.I got back to camp and motor was running kinda rough,shaking and sound like a misfire.I took it to a Mercury dealer and he called me after about a week and told me to come try it out.He said he started it up and it shook, and skipped so he hooked his diagnostic tester to it and it stopped skipping and run great.He put it in the lake and it done it again so he put tester back on and it said # 4 cylinder not firing. He put a new plug in it and it run fine.I just put 4 brand new plugs 1 day before i took it to them.2016 Alumacraft with Mercury 115 use to run about 48mph.I now can barely get 40 out of it and when i hit 40 it will decrease to 39,38,37 mph without me touching throttle.any ideas?

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