2016 Crestliner 18.5 foot Superhawk front-end heavy

by Kurt

I bought a 2016 Crestliner 18.5 foot Superhawk with a 115-horsepower engine (the Crestliner book says the boat is rated for a 115 to 175 engine), but this engine is not heavy enough to balance the boat. In waves, the front end dives, and if I tried to anchor in four-foot waves, I'm sure the waves would come over the front of the boat. Boat waves have come over the front of the boat. I have been boating for 40 years and never been in a deep-v boat of this size that could not be taken in large waves (fishing in big waves is what these boats are made for). If I fill the aft livewell, which is about 125 lbs of weight, and put people in the back of the boat, the bow comes up about 20 inches and the boat is much more safe, but that is not a luxury I always have. Crestliner merely says that its engineers think the boat is weighted fine. They've obviously not been on Lake Michigan in the boat when its breezy. The boat, as is, is dangerous, but we bought it new, and I can't afford to sell it at a loss and replace it or replace the engine. Any thoughts about putting a couple hundred pounds of weight in the back of the boat to make it ride correctly?

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