2015 90HP Mercury 4 Stroke

by Dave
(Vineland, NJ)

I have replaced the starter as it was rusted and seized from some water damage. Motor turns by hand and starter engages and rotates when solenoid is jumped to starter positive lead. Can't get starter to rotate using key switch. Can only get solenoid to activate. DVM on solenoid wire shows under .7vdc for quick flash and 12vdc won't transfer to starter. When yellow/red solenoid wire is pulled off,, the reading on the solenoid wire is 12vdc for about a second. I ran a battery straight to the starter positive and starter ground to bypass battery cables and battery transfer switch. Still just the solenoid. What can I be missing? I checked the neutral switch and it seems to have been jumpered out as it is always shorted. Any suggestions?

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