2014 Honda BF90D

by Mel G
(Lubbock, Texas)

Ran fine and after docking, on the next start attempt the starter stayed engaged when key was released. Subsequently, the motor will not exceed 3200RPM. There is no warning buzzer or chime as should occur when de-rating due to water temp. There has been no sticking ignition or starter since. Motor starts and idles as expected with 3200 being the top RPM. Wondering if the shift linkage could be out of adjustment causing the neutral switch to be engaged and limiting REVS. Also wondering if the ignition key switch has a circuit that would serve to limit revs. Only 93 hours on the rig so doubtful it is anything huge. Went down the fuel road and replaced the high pressure pump in the VST along with all filters. Inspected plugs and injectors and all appear to be normal.

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