2014 F150xa Yamaha 150 HP

by Chris

I am getting hesitation at about 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. It is pretty random and runs fine for a while then it just feels like you quickly let off throttle. I recently replaced the water separator and checked the fuel in a glass jar. It looked perfect. I noticed some build up on the mounting plate part of the fuel filter so I cleaned this with my finger.and rag until it was smooth again. Placed a fine layer of oil on the filter and filled back with fresh fuel. I also replaced the filter on the engine. After replacing we took out the boat for a couple hours with no hesitation. Then took the boat out again a few days later and the hesitation came back. One area of concern is when you open the fuel cap I hear pressure release. I though that since the tank is vented that this would not happen. This is on a 2015 Sea Hunt Triton 210. Since the boat is new to me I am not sure if this release is normal. The fuel was filled to top in November to reduce condensation. I have considered having the remaining 37 gallons sucked out and start fresh but they want 3.25 per gallon to dispose of. Fuel smells okay when I replaced the filter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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