2013 yamaha F115LA Throttle issue.

by Steve (Sami)
(Charlotte NC USA)

Trying get some issue with my throttle rigging setup. I do have the software and cable and am able to pull lots of info.. I appearss as if my idle throttle plate open is 8 degrees. When I view the throttle plate, it appear no to be hortizontal which i would assusume shouls show up as 90 degree throttle positon at WOT. If I am corect, the i should be able to adjust throttle cable to obtain full open throttle plate. Am I correct in my assumptions or am I darking up a tree. You help would be greatley appreciated! Seem as if I'm mising some open throttle respons as my throttle level seems to hav alot of dead travel from mid throttle up. TiA for your help!!

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