2013 Yamaha 40

by Maureen Bernard
(New Brunswick Canada )

Think it started with some bad gas put in. At times it will run great for and hour, then sputter and quit. Other times will not run for 2 minutes. Will always start. Will run all day at 4mph. Have had it to dealer several times. So far have replaced fuel tank and hose and oil pressure sensor. Dealer took it out for an hour today and it worked great. I begged them to take it out again as sure it will quit but they are busy and not very cooperative. They want to replace duke pump to see if that is the problem but am hesitant to spend hundreds more and still have problem. At this point I think they are simply guessing. This is the 3rd summer I have lost and am so sick of lugging this boat back and forth to try to get somebody to fix it. Only 240 hours on it. Somebody out there surely has had this problem with their Yamaha.

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