2013 Yamaha 20 HP, 4 stroke - Model F20 SEHA - tilt problem

by Lance
(Costa Rica)

I live in Costa Rica and own a 2013 Yamaha outboard affixed to a 13 ft Caribe semi- rigid boat. The motor is not equipped with a electric trim/tilt system (apparently it is impossible to convert to electric?) so I rely on the horizontal trim/tilt bar at the rear of the motor to lower the engine into the water. Lifting the motor out of the water is no problem. When the boat is in the water and the engine needs to be lowered using the trim tilt bar, there is always the distinct chance of getting fingers caught below the bar and between the engine!! Very awkward procedure to say the least. Has anyone got ideas as to how the engine can be lowered without endangering fingers??? I hope my description of the problem makes sense. Thank you

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