2012 honda BF 50A

by Andy
(New Zeleand)

the CDI has an issue. I have just bought the boat and when I went to start the engine, a little wisp of smoke came off the CDI. There appears to be a small hole into the CDI and the smoke came out of there. When I looked closely I could see something glowing red inside as though two wires had contacted each other and welded together. What are the possible causes of this? The engine is 2012 but is almost new in that it has not been used for 8 years and has only done 10 hours.

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Feb 16, 2021

by: John

Great advice, as reversing battery leads also can blow just about everything including the alternator

Feb 14, 2021
motor repaired
by: Andy

motor is now repaired - the CDI has been replaced. On speaking with the technician he feels the most likely cause is someone connecting the batteries the wrong way round and spiking the CDI. Interesting as the batteries were replaced by the previous owner so this may well have happened.

CAUTION for other owners to take care with your battery connections as CDI's are expensive!

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