2012 Evinrude Etec 175 DPXINE

by josh forsyth
(Key west fl)

Replaced throttle and shift cables, all spark plugs, fuel filter, new key switch, and new binnacle. Engine started prior to replacement of said items. Now, engine will turn over, almost start and then die. Got it started for about 5 seconds yesterday and continued to die. Ensured fuel filter was full, ensured gap and index on all plugs. And ensured correct wiring was the same on the new key switch. I installed the new neutral switch in on the new key switch since my old binnacle did not even have a neutral switch installed. From what I can tell the 175's do not have a neutral switch on the engine itself. But I can continuously turn over, almost start, see white smoke and then die. I have checked for spark on all 6 cylinders and they are all sparking. Pulled the fuel filter loose and checked primer bulb and fuel is getting there. Still wont start. Attempted giving a little fuel in the fast idle position with no luck. Constantly attempts to start and then dies. Im now lost.

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