2011 Optimax 150 SN 1B839153

by Duane
(Meridianville, AL)

Last year motor starting throwing low voltage codes and put itself into guardian mode but would work fine after shutting it down and waiting about 5 minutes. It has been doing this on and off for over a year but mostly runs great. Yesterday when I put it in the water, the boat went into guardian initially but started and worked fine after the reset. We were on the water about 2 hours pulling tubes with several shutdowns and restarts. After one of the restarts the boat would not take throttle and died. I restarted and got the same result several times. I did notice that the volt gauge was reading 10-11 volts at this time. The usual reset procedure would not work so we ended up getting towed back to the dock. Gentleman there gave me a jump box to try and get it back on the trailer and the boat started and I was able to get it on the trailer and take it home. Upon arrival home I checked the battery volts and it read 12.7 and passed a load test just fine. Started the boat and although the on board gauge was only reading about 12 volts, a multimeter at the battery read 14.3 at idle and 14.34 at about 1000 RPM. I placed it in gear and it went to 2500 RPM just fine. Sorry about the long winded post but now to my question. Any ideas on what could cause intermittent low voltage? All connections are tight with no corrosion. Alternator belt is in good shape. From what I can see I have no chafed wires and the whole system appears in good shape. Thanks in advance

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