2010 Yamaha SHO VF225LA

by charles carroll

Problem is intermittent sometimes, always starts and idles fine, when I push it to plane out everything seems good for a few seconds then loss of power, rough running until I take it down to idle again. after several attempts the boat will plane out and seems OK. If I drop out of plane and try again immediately - no issues. If I shutoff and wait a few minutes or idle for a few minutes the problem will reoccur. All fuel filters, primer ball, low pressure pump, spark plugs have been replaced. Fuel tested good. The Idle safety switch seems to be in good working order. This issue started about 3 years ago, it happened all day on one fishing trip, then went away, had a local marina take a look - they found nothing. the next year it happened again exact same scenario as the year before. This year happens often.

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