2008 4.3 Volvo Glastron GT185

by Andre Sanford
(Stanton Michigan USA)

Engine bay 2008 4.3 Volvo

Engine bay 2008 4.3 Volvo

Engine struggles and laboring and won't plane out running at 2500 RPMs tops.
2bbl Holley carb, went through it, suspected plugged up, it was clean, and blew out all the ports, jets with compressed air and carb cleaner. Used a new rebuild kit. Used the 2.5 power valve, to match original. It had a 4.5 in the kit but didn't use. Acts like it's on a Governor. Prop is what was with the boat, unsure if it's original. It has opened up to 3000 RPS and planed out only a couple times. Distributor appears in original position by looking at paint marks. It only has 70 hours.

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