2007 Suzuki bf225

by Ted
(Birmingham Alabama )

I have a 2007 proline ss 26 ft with twin 225. I’m having a terrible time with prop ventilation. The motors are as far down as they can go. Short of re-powering or shaft extensions which are very difficult and expensive through Suzuki, what can I do. It’s fine in seas under about 1.5 feet. But then it’s get real bad. I know that the problem is that the motors aren’t long enough (don’t reach deep enough in swells). Mu measurements are that the engines are 5.5 inches too high. The engines run great with no problems and only 280 hours. It’s like they put the wrong motors on the boat.

I’m not sure if these motors came on the boat ( no reason to think they didn’t) but they are a terrible fit.

Install up side down Jack plates?

Props with larger diameter?

Any help is appreciated,



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