2007 mercury 25 hp 4 stoke ef1

new to boats.. old guy but bought small boat with merc 25hp efi. ran good 2 trips then died .
NO fuel pressure on fuel rail
Checked low press pump and its pumps fuel into high press bowl.
Checked power to elec fuel pump ok
Pulled elec fuel pump and hooked to 12 volt and it runs
Checked elec connections on top of elec fuel pump where it attached to pump... + good no ground
So i thought i would be smart and ground wire into elec pump labelled FFP blue w/ black stripe . Still no fuel pressure
Double checked blue and black ground wire and it isnt grounded. it plugs into computor.. but even grounding it no fuel press..
Checked spark at plug all ok

SO at this point i am completely lost any ideas?? MAny thx in Advance

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