2007 Glastron with Volvo Penta 4.3 SX-A slipping until warm

by John
(Des Plaines, IL, USA)

Happened once last year and now again this year. When I first put it in the water for the day so cold, it feels like the engine is spinning fast but the prop is only partially engaging. Can't get up to plane even. After 2-3 minutes, everything works fine. Issue repeats after extended swimming where it cools down. Possibly the engine is a little slow, but feels more like "transmission" slipping. Checked sterndrive dipstick and super clear fluid and maybe a little high (but not perfectly level where parked and kind of a pain to get i back out where I can accurately check level.) Had the fluid changed before last season - strangely, when the problem started. Any ideas?

TIA, John

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