2007 df300

by Todd H
(Baileys Harbor, Wi, USA)

I purchased a 36’ Pro Kat Catamaran that needs some TLC. I have spent a lot of time on the boat replacing old wiring. I had some ground wire issues early on but now everything is new. I then launched the boat and drove it 150 miles to my home port where I have continued to make repairs and replace items like wash down pumps and all the electronics. The other day I dropped an item over the side of the boat and the marina I’m in has a bad sediment problem so it was absorbed by the muck. After searching around with a long handle net for severe days I decided to restrain the boat and run it in reverse to blow out the silt. The boat next to me did the same thing and we moved a lot of it out of the slips. But while I was doing that the tell tail on the starboard engine slowed down to a trickle. When that happened I put the engines back in neutral and turned them off. I then investigated the tube that seemed to be getting blocked. Thought maybe I could clean it with a wire. Anyway after that I went to restart and the starboard engine won’t even turn over. It’s also giving me a 4-2 code CKP sensor. I looked at the sensor and it seems fine but I’m no expert. Can anyone tell me if that sensor can keep the engine from cranking over? Th he V only other thing that I noticed was that when I was looking at the sensor it was the first time I had the cover off since I brought the boat home. There seemed to be a significant film of oil over the engine. There is a tube ( looks like crankcase ventilation that wasn’t connected to the flame arrester, not sure if that has any significance but thought I should mention it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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