by Doug Chauvin
(Bourg, LA, USA)

My 115 is on my 22' aluminum bay boat. Yesterday, while traveling in a canal, I heard my engine sputter for a second and die. I turned around and saw water pouring out from all around my engine cover. I removed the cover as the water poured out and I noticed, the 3/16" rubber hose, connected to the fitting for my water pressure gage was off the fitting. I reconnected the hose and the engine would not start. I trailered the boat home and compression on all four cylinders was about 155 pounds and there was no water in the oil base. When I crank my engine, the high temperature alarm sounds and the engine will not start. I checked spark with a spark tester and also grabbing a screwdriver with one hand and grabbing the engine block with the other. Still no ignition. I checked the fuse in the front of the engine and it was clearly good. I measured continuity, on the disconnected kill switch wires when the clip was removed and no continuity when the clip was seated in place. I do not know how high the water went up into the engine cover but considering the small hole in the pressure fitting, I'm thinking only a few inches at most. It has been more than 24 hours now and I am getting no spark when cranking.

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