2006 Yahama Vmax 150 2 cycle

by Jake Niedling
(Knoxville, TN USA)

While running on plane and trimmed up at 5000 rpm for about 3 miles, the overtemp light and buzzer comes on. I can run at 3200 rpm with no problems. The tell tale water stream is solid and the water impellar is less than 1 year old. It did it on two different trips when running near 5000 rpm. Once I stop, within 30 seconds the alarm goes off.

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Oct 19, 2021

Yamaha is famous for over heating at over 4000rpm on older engines. I have a 1998 yamaha 90hp that does the same thing, it's caused by salt buildup in the water jackets and passages around the head. Seems like even if you flush it every trip it still builds up. You can try to use salt-away to flush it out by using the mixing kit and warming the engine up on rinse then change to soap, to help get out buildup you will have to do it 7 days in a row. If that does not work you will need to pull your heads and clean all the water passages with a brush or get them sand blasted. Even though you have a new impeller and good water stream because of the buildup around the head it gets less cooling causing the alarm.

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