2006 Mercury 50hp 2-stroke, Model 1050412FD

by Chris S
(Pensacola, FL)

Recently purchased a 2007 Bass Tracker 175 TXW with a 2006 Mercury 50hp, 2-stroke. Seller claimed it had recently been serviced. First time in the water, it was slow to fire, but eventually started and then ran fine for the next couple hours of play/fishing. Then, this week I put it in the water and it would not start. It turned over without issue, but would not even give a single sputter. Nothing - until the battery started to drain and I pulled it back on the trailer by ropes.

I do my own car maintenance and light-to-medium repairs, but repairing outboard motors is new to me. I've read and suspect that I have an ignition coil problem, but thought I would at least get a sputter from the other cylinders as it seems unlikely that all three coils are suddenly bad at the same time.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose would be much appreciated.

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