2006 johnson 60 hp four stroke suddenly quit running

I have a Carolina skiff with a Johnson 60 hp four stroke. Recently the high pressure fuel pump quit working, it was diagnosed as ethynal fuel sitting too long and gumming up the pump. My boat guy got it the fuel pump cleaned out and running again, during this time we replaced the fuel seperator and cleaned out the fuel tank. I took it out after the repairs were done and it ran flawlessy. I recently went on a trip to Jordan lake, the boat was running good till one night I could smell fuel and it did not want to start and the check engine light kept coming on. I let it sit and as soon as it fired up I headed back to camp. I spoke to my boat guy and he suggested looking for a fuel leak. We found the fuel seperator was leaking at the filter. We replaced the whole setup, the motor fired right up with no issues. We took it out today it hesitated a bit to start then fired right up, everything seemed fine. I opened it up to full throttle with no issues, went about 2 miles and suddenly the motor died. It would not start back up, it fired and ran erratic for 15 seconds then died, that was it. I used my trolling motor to get us to shore. I dont know what to do at this point, should i just replace the high pressure fuel pump? I'm sick of these issues can anyone help?

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