2006 175 HP Verado, model 115V23FD

by Bruce
(Thunder Bay, ON, Canada)

My 2006 Verado runs fine until I go to a beach where I have had the motor tilted up.

If it is a hot day and we at a beach for 1-2 hours, when I go to leave, I trim the motor back down and it starts fine. I troll out to deeper water and push the throttle down until I reach plane then at about 300-400 yards distance, approximately at 4200 RPMs, the motor starts to loose power, like it is running out of gas (full tank or 1/2 full). The RPM's go up and down and I cannot go past idle. even when it is idling, the RPMs are going up and down, not running smooth. Sometimes I take off again and it is OK and other times I have to try about 10 times.I turn off the ignition a few times, to initiate the fuel pump and it doesn't sound right. The problem seems to be getting more frequent.

The fuel pump was replaced 5 years ago, I changed both the inline and water fuel filters, a mechanic checked the fuel lines and said they were fine. No water in the filter. My mechanic is even checking with other mechanics as he is stumped.

The interesting part is that if it sits at my dock, motor tilted down, I don't have an issue or if I stop to fish.
95% of the time it runs fine, never a problem starting the motor, only after I take off and the motor was tilted up.

Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated before it fails totally.

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