2005 Yamaha Z150TXR

by David Cormany
(Dallas, Texas)

Engine will start and then die. Figured out what it is doing is, it will crank and run as long as you have the key in start position. But here's where it gets tricky. When you release the key and go to run position it drops 3 cylinders. If you hold the key in start position for about 7 seconds or so it will start and run and sounds good. About half the time when you do this it will kick the bendix away from the starter so holding it in start position is just running the starter away from the flywheel. But now when you release it, it's like the ECM has time to catch the motor even though it drops 3!cylinders it will continue to run. Of course it sounds like crap. But it runs. So that eliminates starter switch. I did find that the oil tank pump in the boat will not pump oil to the motor reservoir. That motor has a direct short. I filled the motor tank manually to eliminate any sensors being the cause. However I found out that the alarm on the boat tank will not sound if you remove sensor float. It will on the motor tank. Could that short somehow damaged 1 of the ignition boxes on the rear of the motor? And how is it firing on start but not run? Do they use separate power for start and run? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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