2005 Suzuki hot soak won’t restart after long run

by Bruce
(Winter, Wisconsin)

So I have a 3 mile run on a warm day with my 2005 Suzuki 4-stroke and I stop to fish for 1/2 hour. No bites so time to move only engine won’t start. Primer bulb is flat and no gas in fuel line which is like a hot soak in a car engine. To start it I have to cycle the key on and off about 20 times or go back and pump the primer bulb until it’s firm. I know these engines have had this problem and I’ve talked to other owners of these 90,115, and 140hp engines that have the same complaints. I’ve tested everything that I can think of with vents, fuel lines, filters, fuel pumps, replaced primer bulbs etc. has anyone come up with a fix that I haven’t heard about?

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