2005 Mercury 200 with running issues...

by Paul
(Miami, FL)

I have a carbureted 2005 2.5 mercury marine 200. I have an issue with starting/idling after shutdown following a short period of cruising. Ex: I go for a short run (maybe 45 min to a sandbar), then relax for a while...after a sitting, the engine will start and stall consistently and also seems to have a miss while running at low speeds. WOT seems to run great. I cleaned and rebuilt carburetors with NO HELP/NO CHANGE. After rebuild (and some other work), mid range acceleration is a problem (somewhere around 2000 rpm). Going to WOT, boat seems to run like a top. I did not realize that the starboard and port side jets have a slight size difference, so did not check for this during reinstallation. Could this possibly cause the mid range issue? I was also thinking I may have Control Module or Stator issue and performed electrical checks (from mercury service manual), they all checked within range, but I have not gotten the opportunity to do these checks during the times of issue (after cruising). Side note: This may be an odd thing to say, but boat seems to run/start much differently in the water than it does on a work rack with hose hooked up. Sorry about being all over the place, but I am at a loss at this point. Stator and Control module to expensive to shotgun for troubleshooting :/

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