2005 Johnson 40hp overheating

by Matt

During my annual week long trip to Canada my 2005 40hp Johnson made the continuous beep alarm on 2 different ocasions. Both times was when the boat was maybe a little more weighted down than usual but no more than it has been in the past and I was at full throttle. Both times I shut it down immediately and let it cool for a minute then it started right up and ran like a champ. I did feel the top of the motor the 2nd time and it was definitely hot. Most days however, I ran it wide open with no issues. I have a good hard stream at the telltale at all times and I tested my thermostat and it appears to be working fine. I have not checked my impellar but I assume it to be fine due to the fact that I have a good flow from the telltale. My concerne is that my oil pump is not working like it should because the oil in my reseviour did not seem to go down and I ran at least 15 gallons during my trip. If I am not getting enough oil injected would that make my engine overheat? If it's an oil issue would I still get the continuous beep alarm or would it be different? My oil resivior is almost full. I have heard the discussion of bypassing the oil injector but I prefer to use it.Any suggestions on what I should do next is greatly appriciated.

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