2005 225 hp optimax saltwater

I have a 2005 225 hp Optimax. It ran perfectly until the other day. Suddenly when I went to go start it and turned the key the idle was at 1500 to 2000 RPMs and very roughly. The engine was shaking.

The guardian mode seems to be on, it can only shift into FWD gear or REV gear but not both until I turn motor off and shift again, guardian mode won't let me I suppose.

Also, the throttle moves but won't go past idle revs either. It had an oil alert the day it started, 4 beeps, but now oil tanks are full and the beeps have disappeared. At the same time I had a constant overheating tone. I flushed the system well, water circulates well and pisses out as it did before. The overheating tone has ended now. But the rough idle and guardian mode remain. I cannot use the motor.

This all started after a good ride one day and tried to launch the next day with this issue.

Please help me.

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