2003 Triton TR22 Yamaha 250 VMAX random starting problems after running

by Joey
(Plano, TX)

This has happened 3 times. Launch and run to a spot, fish for a while, and then the boat won't start. Engine turns over and over but wouldn't start. First time this happened someone near me suggested I check the kill switch. It was hooked up but I jiggled it anyway just to see and sure enough, it started and worked the rest of the day. The next time it happened, the jiggle didn't work. I ended up disconnecting one of the wires on the kill switch and the motor started and worked the remainder of the weekend. It happened again this past weekend and the kill switch was still disconnected. Ended up getting towed in and it never would start. When I finally had it loaded on the trailer I tried it again and it fired up. Didn't change a thing. Anybody got any ideas? Bad ignition? I'm clueless. Any and all suggestions welcomed.

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