2003 Suzuki 90 DF

by Bryan
(West Columbia, TX)

I was running my boat around 4500 rpms, everything think sounded great and had been running perfect for about 5 miles when it suddenly just cut off and it would not restart.

I’ve check for spark on all cylinders already and that it good.

I recently replaced my high pressure electronic fuel pump and I can hear it cycling when I turn the key to the on position.

Tried replacing low pressure fuel pump today and that didn’t help.

Replaced my fuel filters one under the engine cowling and the water separator on the fuel line.

Still no luck. It has three lights on check engine, temp and oil all steady red not blinking when I turn the key to the on position. It beeps every 5 seconds or so.

Any idea what I can check next

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Sep 05, 2023
no fuel?
by: Anonymous

ok, so you are just going around and replacing parts?
do 1,2,3 troubleshooting.
1. crank the motor for a while, unplug the spark plug, can you see it is flooded? Soaked with petrol?
yes? well it is not what you have been concentrating on.
Suppose you see no fuel, well than you have no fuel coming into the cylinders, can it be more simple? No fuel, line, filters, pumps or just a tank connection, Very simple to troubleblesoot.
@, suppose you have all fuel but no sparks, well, trouble shoot it why, A stop circuit is on as landline switch ot no oil press, or something like that?. Disconnect all the kill ignition circuit and go from there.
3. still no sparks, well look into no voltage coming to ignition coil, fuses etc. Keep it simple, you will find it.
Idea is 1: fuel needs, 2: sparks to ignite, period

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