2003 Johnson 90hp 4-stroke

by Steve
(Trenton, Florida, USA)

I have and issue with my 2003 Johnson 90hp 4-stroke outboard.

My engine starts great and runs really well for the first two or three hours with no issues what so ever. After a long run of 20-30 minutes I'll stop for a bit to troll or float along. When starting the engine back up, I get a long solid beep. The only way to stop the beep is turn off the engine or give it full throttle for about 5 seconds. The check engine light also comes on and doesn't go off for quite a while after the beeping stops. This pattern is very consistent.
Also, my fuel line tends to lose it's prime and starve for fuel when I try to start up after a rest. This doesn't happen when I initially start the motor.
Oil pressure is good as well as steady stream of water from the telltale.
Does anyone know what this long solid beep means.

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